Case Study: Google APAC

December 11, 2023
Case Study: Elevating Impact Through Communication - A Happy Mondays Co & Google Collaboration

In a rapidly evolving corporate landscape, effective communication and influence are paramount, particularly for women in leadership roles. The Happy Mondays Co recently partnered with Google for a transformative workshop, "Elevate Your Impact: Mastering Effective Communication and Influence," aimed at empowering one of Google's APAC Client Solution Teams.

The Women-led team at Google including directors to middle management, identified key areas for professional development. They had expressed a need to improve their influence and persuasion abilities.

Regional Advocacy: There was a need for strategies to assertively speak up against mainstream initiatives that may not fit the APAC region, an emerging market, differently structured than those established in the USA and EU. Conveying the nuanced differences in market dynamics and metric interpretations was key.
Culturally Aligned Self-Promotion: There was a significant need to develop authentic self-promotion techniques that feel comfortable within cultural norms, particularly for informing international headquarters of their accomplishments without the discomfort of broad announcements, to ensure visibility and equitable performance evaluations.
Upward Influence: Establishing a strong presence and influence, particularly in managing upwards to ensure the integration of APAC region perspectives into global initiatives. Enabling teams to effectively highlight challenges while also promoting effectively share achievements.

Based on a pre-workshop survey, topics were tailored specifically to their needs, focusing on enhancing the integration of regional insights into global strategies, advocating for what will work for the APAC market, finding authentic ways to self promote, and developing robust upward management tactics. This also encompasses honing the ability to reframe challenges, drive positive change, as well as strategically advocating for oneself in a global manner that resonates with both personal, cultural and corporate ethos.

During our workshop, we expanded to cover assertiveness and self-assurance, persuasive influence and risk management, varied communication techniques, and creating impactful presence. Additionally, they were also in the midst of discovering authentic methods of self-promotion to garner recognition from the American headquarters, despite the logistical and cultural barriers of having decision-makers in a different location. The discomfort associated with broader announcements of individual achievements, coupled with a cultural backdrop that may perceive self-promotion as boastful, added complexity to this challenge.

The proposed solution is multifaceted:
• Rethinking beliefs and unconscious concepts of influence to shift perspectives towards more constructive interactions.
• Recognizing that communication isn't a one-size-fits-all approach is key. Different people have varied styles and preferences in how they interact. Inherent preferred ways of communicating may not align with others'.
• Considering intentions, understanding audiences' needs, communication styles and preferences to open the door for more effective exchanges to enhance messages impact and engagement in meetings.
• Understanding the power hidden in how we ask questions. Understanding what approach/technique to use to get our goal. I.e. to increase accountability, get to a decision, push back, or encourage collaboration/participation in meetings and other stakeholder interactions.

These strategies particularly interested managers, who recognized the need to create a more balanced and inclusive meeting dynamic where every member, not just the most vocal ones, are heard and can contribute effectively.

The Happy Mondays Co's discovery process was instrumental in curating a bespoke experience. By collaborating closely with event organisers and engaging in direct dialogue with participants, we were able to tailor our approach to meet their specific needs, devising a unique framework to enhance the session's relevance and impact.

What truly set this workshop apart was the integration of realistic case scenarios, meticulously developed in partnership with the Google team. Participants engaged in role-playing exercises at both the beginning and end of the session, allowing them to witness firsthand the significant influence that even minor adjustments in communication and presentation can have. We championed the philosophy that incremental changes, applied consistently over time, can effect a profound shift in perspective.

The workshop was met with enthusiastic feedback. Attendees particularly appreciated:

• Cultivating a deeper understanding of personal and team communication styles and preferences, leading to more effective and harmonious interactions.
• The adoption of The Happy Mondays Co signature practical communication framework, which was recognized as a potent tool for optimising call and meeting preparation, enhancing clarity and engagement.
• Fostering a strategic mindset approach in interactions, highlighted by structured and organised content that delivers insights into tailoring communication strategies for diverse audiences. This approach is instrumental in achieving a range of outcomes, from heightened accountability to embracing multiple perspectives.
• A significant outcome included leaders taking the initiative to inquire about their team members' communication preferences This proactive approach has made meetings more inclusive, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Are you looking to inspire and empower your team with effective communication strategies? The Happy Mondays Co is dedicated to crafting bespoke workshops that cater to the unique challenges and objectives of your organisation. Our collaboration with Google's APAC Client Solution Teams is a testament to the transformative power of targeted professional development.

Let's discuss how we can tailor a workshop that elevates the impact and influence of your team. Connect with us today, and take the first step towards transforming communication within your organisation.

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