Career Therapy™️

We believe everyone deserves to make sustainable changes, find fulfilment in careers, and lead happier, healthier lives overall.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are unsure whether you want a coach or a therapist.

  • You’re feeling stuck in the same old patterns

  • Struggling to break free from unhealthy working habits.

  • Finding it difficult to stand up for yourself in the workplace or wrestling with imposter syndrome

  • Battling procrastination and struggling to maintain new habits.

If so, you’re at the right place. Dive into a space where your struggles, highlights, and concerns will be met with understanding and non-judgmental support. We facilitate sustainable, positive change by meeting you where you are and embracing the journey that brought you here. We bring a framework that cultivates self-awareness, activates fresh perspectives and promotes action through accountability. We partner with you on your journey to self-mastery so you can live your very own Happy Mondays.

What is Career Therapy™️

Career therapy™️ is a unique hybrid approach combining principles from coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. Our goal is to empower you to make sustainable changes, find fulfilment in your careers, and lead happier, healthier lives overall.
Career therapy™️ was created because we acknowledge that while coaching can propel you forward, carrying the weight of unresolved past challenges can hinder progress, much like attempting to climb a mountain with a heavy backpack.

Career Therapy™️, developed and conducted by our founder, Sandra, integrates her deep experience in coaching with a degree in counselling and psychotherapy and further education on trauma-informed therapy, somatics and mindfulness (MBSR). Career Therapy™️ offers an innovative solution to building positive change by addressing the present moment and easing the grip of what holding us back.

In Career Therapy™️, we draw upon neuroscience and empirically proven therapeutic frameworks like Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help you gain clarity and explore past experiences. These approaches are complemented by action-driven techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which form the coaching foundation, to drive tangible and sustainable positive change.

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Happy Mondays Career Therapy™️ Benefits

Our clients have reported:

  • Increased in self-awareness

  • Improved self-confidence and better self-regulation

  • Ability to sustain new habits that improve work-life balance

  • Improvement in the sense of agency

  • Reduction in stress levels

Is Career Therapy™️ for me?

The Happy Mondays Signature Career Coaching program is for you if you want to…

  • Explore and understand self-limiting beliefs and rewrite old stories that are holding you back

  • Forge new lenses to understand yourself and your behaviours

  • Develop strategies and tangible actions to sustain positive change

  • Experience the power of being heard and held without judgement

  • Equip yourself with workplace tools and tactics to manage current and prospective challenges

Disclaimer: While Career Therapy™️ provides support during challenging times, it is not designed to support individuals in crisis or experiencing severe mental health issues, including conditions such as PTSD, severe anxiety or depression. Additionally, Career Therapy™️ is not a substitute for medical or clinical treatment; it does not diagnose or treat medical conditions, and it is not designed for immediate crisis intervention. Resources: Mental health support Singapore & Australia

The Happy Mondays™

Signature Coaching Methodology
  • #1 Discover

    Finding the right support is essential, and we're here to assist you. Your story and journey are as unique as you are, and that's why The Happy Mondays Career Therapy begins with a confidential, non-binding, free 30-minute conversation where Sandra will listen to your situation, challenges and objectives. This will also help us assess if an alternative coaching solution or therapeutic approach would be most appropriate.

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  • #2 Learn

    Armed with a clear vision of your unique aspirations, we work with you to co-create a personalised strategy and action. We take pride in our evidence-based coaching approach, integrating principles from neuroscience, behavioural science, psychology, and mindfulness. As your active co-creators, we support and provide you with resources, tools and skills to pave your way towards your Happy Mondays.

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  • #3 Grow

    This is where you test the waters, applying the strategies we’ve developed together, learning, and refining as you go. Our goal? To equip you with the skills you need to thrive on your own. Through targeted support, we’ll help you adjust and fine-tune your approach, ensuring your career success is sustainable and truly yours to own, leaving a lasting impact that is deeply felt by you and others around you.

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