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At The Happy Mondays Co, we believe that every person deserves to have a career that brings joy, alignment and reward.

That’s why we’re here to help you create career success on your terms.

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Career Coaching

The Happy Mondays Co career coaching program is designed to help you uncover what your Happy Monday looks like – both inside and outside your professional life.

Through the Happy Mondays Co career coaching methodology, we’ll work one on one with you to discover, learn and grow as we work together to nurture the skills, competencies, and resilience to build long lasting career fulfilment.

Be in a successful career that is fulfilling and rewarding

Have the flexibility, structure and guidance to explore your very own Happy Mondays

Partner with a career coach that is committed to elevating and celebrating your
professional and personal power with empathy and candour

Deepen your self awareness. Nurture the ability to grow from within and be
empowered to create the changes to achieve what you want

Develop the strategy and tactical plan to reach your Happy Mondays

Job Landing

We know first-hand how unique the job markets can be and how frustrating it feels when your tried-and-true job searching techniques don’t work. Our job landing program is a one of a kind program to help job seekers secure their Happy Mondays career.

Through the Happy Mondays Co job landing methodology, we’ll work one on one with you to develop your personal narrative, build your professional brand, tap into the hidden job market, master interviews and negotiate salary packages like a pro.

Job Landing is for your if you want to…

Define and optimise your brand across LinkedIn and CV

Build your authentic personal narrative and elevator pitch

Learn effective job search strategies to tap into the hidden job market

Receive support through the end-to-end job application process

Prepare for job interviews and artfully negotiate remuneration packages (hint* you can negotiate more than salary)

Executive Coaching

We know while new challenges can be exhilarating, they also often push us out of our comfort zones. Whether you’re starting a new role or embarking on a career shift from management to leadership, we’ll help you hit the ground running.

The Happy Mondays Co executive coaching program is designed to empower, act as a sounding board and provide tools and tactics to support leaders from emerging to established.

Through the Happy Mondays Co executive coaching methodology, we’ll work one on one with you to (re)discover, (re)define and grow your personal leadership style.

Executive Coaching is for your if you want to…

Understand and embrace your unique leadership style

Develop strategies and follow-up actions to sustain success

Hone your executive presence and ability to influence

Create positive and long-lasting change

Equip yourself with workplace tools and tactics to manage current and prospective challenges

What Our Clients Say

Meet Our Founder & Chief Career Coach

Hi, I’m Sandra!

Your chief career coach and founder of The Happy Mondays co.

Like many of you who have found your way here, I had my own career journey to go through. I founded The Happy Mondays Co in 2016 after hitting a wall in my own career as a headhunter. I was burnt out, lacking support and unsure of how to get what I want within the parameters of the role that I was in.

I realised there were 3 core foundations that were missing:

  1. I was not doing purposeful work
  2. There was a major values misalignment
  3. My personal and professional goals were not supported

Through many years of refining and continual addition, The Happy Mondays Co Signature Framework was created. I’m so grateful I get to wake up every day and support you in creating your own Happy Mondays.

Whether you woke up one day wondering, “What’s next?” or if you’re heading back to work after a break, we’re here to support and challenge you on your journey.

If you find yourself where I was many years ago, I want to tell you that I see you and where you are at this fork in the road. You can create a career and life that’s aligned to what matters to you. It’s possible. It takes looking inward to change the outward.

Let’s do this together.


Our Approach

Our holistic approach offers well-rounded solutions built upon a diverse range of skills from career coaching and recruitment to branding, and strategy. Where relevant, we also bring complementary expertise in conflict resolution, organisational behaviour, DEI, counselling, somatics and mindfulness to our career coaching engagements.

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