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We believe everyone deserves to create career success on their own terms.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are stepping into a new leadership role and want to be set for success
  • You want to hone your presence and build strategic relationships
  • You’re looking for a soundboard to further develop your leadership
  • You are ready for a promotion and want to put your best foot forward as the ideal candidate
  • You want to level up your performance at work

If you nodded ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re in the right place. We know while new challenges can be exhilarating, they also often push us out of our comfort zones. Whether you’re starting a new role or embarking on a career shift from management to leadership, we’ll help you hit the ground running. The Happy Mondays Co executive coaching program is designed to empower, act as a sounding board and provide tools and tactics to support leaders from emerging to established.

Through the Happy Mondays Co executive coaching methodology, we’ll work one on one with you to (re)discover, (re)define and grow your personal leadership style.

Dive into a space to share your highlights, struggles, and concerns while being challenged and guided towards progress with accountability. Each session will be tailored to your unique experience at that time, and we’ll regularly reassess our priorities to ensure they align.

Ready to lead your Happy Mondays?

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching isn’t just about career growth – it’s about developing, refining and improving leadership skills to inspire teams and positively impact organisations.
Here’s the thing – everyone can be a leader. Leadership isn’t something you are born with or without – it’s a powerful set of skills developed over time and tailored to each individual. Leadership by definition is to influence, inspire and help others to become the best version of themselves by building their skills and achieving goals along the way. Chances are, you’ve been in leadership positions throughout your life without even realising.

There is no one right leadership style. Great leaders don’t follow a prescribed protocol. It takes looking inward to change the outward. Harness the power of your unique qualities to motivate, inspire, and lead.

Working with a Happy Mondays Co executive coaches means having someone exclusively on your side to help you navigate and define your leadership style to create a long-lasting impact for years to come.

We’ve designed The Happy Mondays Co executive leadership coaching program with a focus on self-awareness, strategy and action. Our straightforward approach to developing your communication style and honing your emotional intelligence will help you to effectively influence your stakeholders, empower teams and achieve goals.

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Benefits of Executive coaching

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Confidence and better self-regulation
  • Better relationship management
  • Boost performance
  • Create clear goals and accountability
  • Hone communication and presentation skills
  • Shift from a manager mentality to a leader mentality

Is Executive Coaching for me?

The Happy Mondays Executive Coaching program is for you if you want to…

  • Understand and embrace your unique leadership style
  • Develop strategies and follow-up actions to sustain success
  • Explore self-limiting beliefs and rewrite old stories you may be telling yourself
  • Hone your executive presence and ability to influence
  • Create positive and long-lasting change
  • Equip yourself with workplace tools and tactics to manage current and prospective challenges

What’s a Happy Monday?

It’s a career that brings you a sense of joy, purpose, success, and belonging. Every single person has a unique interpretation of what their Happy Monday, and it can also change over time. That’s why at The Happy Mondays Co, we don’t just help you define what it looks like today, but also teach you how to re-assess and adjust so you can create long-term, sustainable Happy Mondays.

Our Approach

Our holistic approach offers well-rounded solutions built upon a diverse range of skills from career coaching and recruitment to branding, and strategy. Where relevant, we also bring complementary expertise in conflict resolution, organisational behaviour, DEI, counselling, somatics and mindfulness to our career coaching engagements.

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Coaching Methodology
  • #1 Discover

    Success is found in the sweet spot where growth, fulfilment, and vision meet. We understand this looks different for everyone.

    We offer a free 30 minute call to get to know you and strategize the plan to create your Happy Mondays.

    Are you ready to create career success on your own terms?

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  • #2 Learn

    Our approach is holistic, and adapted with 10Y+ experience across career coaching and counselling, recruitment, personal branding, organisational behaviour, DEI, conflict resolution, somatics and mindfulness.

    We work one-on-one with you to define your Happy Mondays with our results focused methodology grounded in empathy, candour and purpose.

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  • #3 Grow

    Our program, your way. Our career coaching program is tailored to your personal and professional goals, adapted to meet you where you are on your career journey.

    Apply the principles you’ll learn to sustainably support, grow and create your Happy Mondays for your next role and beyond.

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