The Happy Mondays™

Signature Coaching Methodology
  • #1 Discover

    At The Happy Mondays Co, we believe in the power of discovery. Your career journey is as unique as you are, and it starts with uncovering the true essence of what makes you tick.

    Your Happy Mondays begins with a conversation—a free, 30-minute call where we listen and understand your challenges and start sketching the blueprint of your Happy Mondays career.

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  • #2 Learn

    Armed with a clear vision of your unique aspirations, we work with you to craft a personalised strategy and action plan just for you. We take pride in our evidence-based coaching approach, integrating a wealth of experience in recruitment, branding, and human resources with principles from neuroscience, behavioural science, psychology, and mindfulness, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored coaching experience.

    As your active co-creators, we support and provide you with resources, tools and skills to realise your Happy Mondays.

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  • #3 Grow

    This is where you test the waters, applying the strategies we’ve developed together, learning, and refining as you go. Our goal? To build your self-awareness and equip you with the skills you need to thrive on your own.

    Through targeted support, we’ll help you adjust and fine-tune your approach, ensuring your career success is sustainable and truly yours to own, leaving a lasting impact that is deeply felt by you and others around you.

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Our Approach

Our holistic approach offers well-rounded solutions built upon a diverse range of skills from career coaching and recruitment to branding, and strategy. Where relevant, we also bring complementary expertise in conflict resolution, organisational behaviour, DEI, counselling, somatics and mindfulness to our career coaching engagements.

Benefits of Career Coaching

  • 100% noted an increase in clarity and self-awareness

  • 95% improved in their competence in achieving their career goals

  • 90% improved their job satisfaction & sense of purpose

  • 80% reported improved self-confidence

  • 70% experienced improved work-life balance

What Our Clients Say

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