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    Success is found in the sweet spot where growth, fulfilment, and vision meet. We understand this looks different for everyone.

    We offer a free 30 minute call to get to know you and strategize the plan to create your Happy Mondays.

    Are you ready to create career success on your own terms?

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    Our approach is holistic, and adapted with 10Y+ experience across career coaching and counselling, recruitment, personal branding, organisational behaviour, DEI, conflict resolution, somatics and mindfulness.

    We work one-on-one with you to define your Happy Mondays with our results focused methodology grounded in empathy, candour and purpose.

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    Our program, your way. Our career coaching program is tailored to your personal and professional goals, adapted to meet you where you are on your career journey.

    Apply the principles you’ll learn to sustainably support, grow and create your Happy Mondays for your next role and beyond.

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The Happy Mondays Co Service

Meet Our Founder & Chief Career Coach

Hi, I’m Sandra!

Your chief career coach and founder of The Happy Mondays co.

Like many of you who have found your way here, I had my own career journey to go through. I founded The Happy Mondays Co in 2016 after hitting a wall in my own career as a headhunter. I was burnt out, lacking support and unsure of how to get what I want within the parameters of the role that I was in.

I realised there were 3 core foundations that were missing:

  1. I was not doing purposeful work
  2. There was a major values misalignment
  3. My personal and professional goals were not supported

Through many years of refining and continual addition, The Happy Mondays Co Signature Framework was created. I’m so grateful I get to wake up every day and support you in creating your own Happy Mondays.

Whether you woke up one day wondering, “What’s next?” or if you’re heading back to work after a break, we’re here to support and challenge you on your journey.

If you find yourself where I was many years ago, I want to tell you that I see you and where you are at this fork in the road. You can create a career and life that’s aligned to what matters to you. It’s possible. It takes looking inward to change the outward.

Let’s do this together.


Our Approach

Our holistic approach offers well-rounded solutions built upon a diverse range of skills from career coaching and recruitment to branding, and strategy. Where relevant, we also bring complementary expertise in conflict resolution, organisational behaviour, DEI, counselling, somatics and mindfulness to our career coaching engagements.

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