Career Coaching

Strategic and expansive coaching to create your Happy Mondays Career.

Does this sound familiar?

✔️ You feel stuck in your career and want to get out of a dead end

✔️ You feel off balance  in your career, but don’t know what to do change the trajectory

✔️ You want to find a career that’s purposeful and supports your professional and personal goals


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If you nodded ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re in the right place. The Happy Mondays Co career coaching program is designed to help you uncover what your Happy Monday looks like – both inside and outside your professional life. 

Through the Happy Mondays Co career coaching methodology, we’ll work one on one with you to discover, learn and grow as we work together to nurture the skills, competencies, and resilience to build long lasting career fulfilment.

What is career coaching?

Career coaching helps you to understand and connect the dots between where you are, where you want to be, and walks with you as you get there. A career coach is exclusively on your side to help you refine goals, navigate career transitions and support your professional development. 

Working with a Happy Mondays Co career coach is a chance to prioritise you and focus solely on what makes you happy and create the steps to achieve it – both professionally and personally. 

We’ve designed The Happy Mondays Co career coaching program to help you discover, learn and grow through thoughtful strategy and an approach grounded in empathy, candour and purpose.

We hold the space for you to unpack challenges, empower you to dream, and bring a dose of pragmatism and accountability to bring your Happy Mondays to life. Nurture the skills, competencies, and emotional resilience to build long-lasting career fulfilment. 

Ready to create your Happy Mondays?

career coaching,career coach,career coaching near me

Benefits of Career Coaching

✔️ Increased self-awareness 

✔️ Confidence and better self-regulation

✔️ Clarity and sense of purpose

✔️ Improved overall sense of fulfilment in work and life

✔️ Achieve better results

✔️ Higher levels of motivations and drive

how does Career Coaching Work?

We believe everyone deserves to create career success on their own terms. As your cheerleaders and co-pilots on your career coaching journey, we explore, strategise and discover ways to grow and create your own version of career success, together.

signature coaching methodology

1. Discover

Success is found in the sweet spot where  growth, fulfilment, and vision meet. We understand this looks different for everyone.

We offer a free 30 minute call to get to know you and discuss the strategy to land your Happy Mondays. 

Are you ready to create career success on your own terms?

2. Learn

Our approach is holistic and adapted with 10Y+ experience across career coaching and counselling, recruitment, personal branding, organisational behaviour, DEI, conflict resolution, somatics and mindfulness. 

We work one-on-one with you to define your Happy Mondays with our results focused methodology grounded in empathy, candour and purpose. 

3. Grow

Our program, your way. Our career coaching program is tailored to your personal and professional goals, adapted to meet you where you are on your career journey. 

Apply the principles you’ll learn to sustainably support, grow and create your Happy Mondays for your next role and beyond. 

Is Career coaching for me?

The Happy Mondays Signature Career Coaching program is for you if you want to…


✔️ Be in a successful career that is fulfilling and rewarding

✔️ Have the flexibility, structure and guidance to explore your very own  Happy Mondays

✔️ Partner with a career coach that is committed to elevating and celebrating your professional and personal power with empathy and candour

✔️ Deepen your self-awareness. Nurture the ability to grow from within and be empowered to create the changes to achieve what you want.

✔️ Develop a strategy and a tactical plan to reach your Happy Mondays

career coaching,career coach,career coaching near me


The Happy Mondays Co was instrumental in helping me figure out exactly what I was looking for! When I reached out to them, I had spoken with a few career counsellors before who were very old-school in their approach and started listing careers that could be a good fit without really making an effort to get to know me and understand my interests. When I first met with The Happy Mondays Co, I was amazed at how accurately they had identified the type of person I was, things that were important to me, my core skill sets and I left feeling reassured that I could practically use those skill-sets in most fields. The Happy Mondays Co is very methodical in their approach, and after various sessions, we were able to zero down on career choices that would match my Happy Job! They also went out of her way to connect me with people to gauge whether my definition of a happy job was in-line with reality. I would highly recommend The Happy Mondays Co to anyone who is at crossroads. They will understand you, your needs and skills, and keeping those in mind, will help you define your idea of a happy job and then help you in getting there!

Neha V. Sr Associate, Legal.

I worked with The Happy Mondays Co on finding and landing a new opportunity in a, for me, new job market. With their excellent knowledge of the market and skills to question and trigger you on what you’re really looking for, they’re able to let you (re)brand yourself. For me, that resulted in finding my new job even before completing the process.

Dan Z. Senior Customer Engagement Manager, Technology. 

After a break in my professional life, I decided to engage The Happy Mondays Co to help me focus on the direction of my next career move. It was a big thing for me as I felt that this was the best chance to determine my interests and suitability. People always have many ideas about what they want/like, but it could be all over the place. At least, that was the case for me. My career coach helped me focus, map out my strengths, conditions that I want, and explore areas that I could work in. She also helped build my resume and interview skills. I must say, I have never felt more confident going into an interview! Engaging them was an excellent decision – I have more clarity and confidence now than I had before! I’d definitely recommend it!

Sharon T. Client Success, Technology.

Ready to create your Happy Mondays?


What’s a Happy Monday?

It’s a career that brings you a sense of joy, purpose, success, and belonging. Every single person has a unique interpretation of what their Happy Monday, and it can also change over time. That’s why at The Happy Mondays Co, we don’t just help you define what it looks like today, but also teach you how to re-assess and adjust so you can create long-term, sustainable Happy Mondays.

I’ve never done career coaching before, what should I expect?

From your coach: a qualified, experienced professional and confidante who has your best interests at the forefront of your work together. From the experience: a safe space to explore, grow, learn new things, and be stretched. As an outcome: clarity and confidence in your path to reach your very own Happy Monday.

How do I know you’re the right coach for me?

As we always say, trust your gut (or intuition) – if you feel you click with us on your introductory call and you believe in what we’re offering and our methodology, then we’re probably the right coaches for you. Conversely, there are many excellent coaches out there today so if you’re at all unsure, we encourage you to explore your other options. Your Happy Mondays’ journey won’t be easy and you need to put in the work, but it’s rewarding, so if that doesn’t deter you and we have a connection, we’re probably going to work well together too.

Would you tell me if you couldn’t help me?

Yes, we choose our clients as thoroughly as they choose us. We believe in what’s possible but are clear on what’s not. So, if we’re not the right match, we’ll recommend someone who might be a better fit.

I’m not sure what I need, can you still help me?

Definitely. Many of our clients come to us not knowing exactly what they need. Through our first non-binding introductory call, we’ll ask questions to understand your situation and challenges. If none of our existing packages fulfil your specific needs, we can explore something bespoke for you.

I’m returning to work after an extended break, would Happy Mondays be able to help me too?

100%. We’ve helped many professionals successfully return to work after an extended break. Life has different phases and challenges and we’re here to work through them with you.

If I want to explore becoming an entrepreneur, could you help me with that too?

Absolutely. It’s not our goal to fit you into any kind of professional box. If you know you want to be an entrepreneur or entrepreneurship comes through in our discovery sessions as a possible avenue for you to explore, we’re happy to help you delve into that option. Past clients have made successful transitions to entrepreneurship and when you’re ready to validate whether it’s the right path for you, we would be happy to put you in touch with them through our Happy Mondays’ community.

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe my greatest fulfilment is to be found outside work… does that go against the Happy Mondays’ ethos?

Absolutely not. We understand that our jobs are just a part of who we are, and this underpins our holistic approach to empowering each client to discover, live and lead their very own Happy Monday.

Do you offer tailor-made solutions?

Yes, of course. While the programs have been created based on years of experience supporting professionals build sustainable Happy Mondays, we understand that one size does not fit all. We invite you to reach out and share your story so we can craft the best support for your specific aspirations.

How much does the Happy Mondays journey cost?

We provide a high degree of personalisation and different levels of engagement; therefore, your investment depends on the journey you choose and the amount of support you’ll require. Please book a call with us so we can give you a more specific answer to this question.

Do I have to pay for the initial consultation?

No, this is a free 30-minute, non-binding conversation. The goal is to get to know each other, understand if we’re a good match and decide on the best support for your needs.

Do you offer different payment options?

Yes, we offer different engagement levels and payment instalment plans to make our programs as accessible as possible.

What guarantees do you provide that I will find my own Happy Monday through your services?

We create long-term results: 

  1. While at times Covid has made Happy Mondays more challenging to achieve, on average 80% of our clients transition to their Happy Monday within 6 months of completing their work with us.
  2. In the six years we’ve been in operation, no clients have returned for the same service, though clients have returned to expand on their prior engagements with us. 

That said, achieving your Happy Monday hinges on your active participation and action every step of the way. If you’re not prepared to put the work in, your chances of success are reduced.

What makes the Happy Mondays Co. different from other career coaches?

Our methodology, partnership approach, market knowledge and supportive community. You can read all about them here.

Do you support professionals outside Singapore?

Yes! We can work with you wherever you are in the world, regardless of your current employment status, role, or company.

Do you help corporates/organisations too?

We work extensively with corporates providing leadership coaching, outplacement services and career relocation support. Please reach out so we can understand your needs and how we can best serve your organisation.